Nakaraj Nakorn ( the City of Naka )

...SE Asia's new Gateway to China located in Houayxai, Laos across the Mae Kong river from Thailand- Laos border and next to the Friendship Bridge No 4 linking Thailand, Laos, China, Vietnam and Myanmar. Over 600 acres of land concession granted by Government of Laos to AAC Green City Lao Ltd to undertake the development of this newly integrated boutique resorts to include 5 Stars Hotel , Golf Course, Resort & Spa, Duty Free, Integrated Tourist Center & Entertainments, Bus and Boat Terminals, Petrol Station & Convenient Stores, Logistics etc .

Nakaraj Nakorn will take advantage of nature, mountain, water falls, and river to create a truly get away holiday feel for the visitors and at the same time will offer entertainment and leisure activities. We plan to be a family fun destination where each member can select and enjoy . Beside from the list above we offer anti-aging center, meditation center, giant cat fish lake & breeding center and museum

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